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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Installation of a Geothermal Heat Exchange System can REDUCE HOME HEATING AND COOLING COSTS BY 50-70%.

What is geothermal technology?

As our existing supplies of natural gas and propane begin to dwindle in the future, it becomes even more important to look towards alternative sources of energy. The earth itself holds great potential for heating and cooling, and it can be harnessed for domestic use. Six feet below the earth's surface, the ground temperature stays constant throughout the year. A Geothermal System "collects" this energy and transfers it inside to the home.

Our most common installations:

Vertical Geothermal Heating Install
Vertical Loop Install

Horizontal Geothermal Heating Install
Horizontal Loop Install

How is it done?

To make it simple, natural heat from below the earth's surface is transferred inside through a series of pipes which are usually buried outside the house. Inside the house, an air distribution system, or "geofurnace" is installed. In the winter, warm air circulates around the house through the duct work. For summer cooling, the system is reversed and heat is transferred from the house back into the ground. By using a system consisting of a compressor, heat exchanger and loops of pipe filled with water and anti-freeze, the system will move the heat to and from the house. This system can also produce up 95% of the domestic hot water necessary in a home.

What are the benefits?

A Geothermal System is the most efficient way to heat or cool a home. It's also the most environmentally sound because it will reduce pollution normally caused by conventional appliances which are powered by gas or wood burning stoves. The system itself is quiet because there is no noisy outdoor compressor and no one will see any bulky or unsightly equipment - no above ground storage tanks to camouflage. The difference in your utility bill is immediately noticeable.

It is extremely important that the designer or contractor that you select to install your Geothermal equipment has the unique training and certification necessary to make this system operate to specification. The contractor you select should have current certification and accreditation through IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) and/or ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractor's of America).

For more information, contact:
Western Geo Exchange Resource Center
P.O. Box 598
Davis, California 95617
Phone (530) 735-0135
Fax (530) 750-0137

For complete Geothermal design and installation in the Greater Bay Area, contact:
Mike Fox
A&A Plumbing (Sunnyvale, CA)
(408) 738-8878

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